International cooperation

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The development of international scientific and scientific-technical cooperation is defined as one of the main principles and directions of implementation of the state scientific and technical policy. The international project is the main tool for cooperation in the field of science and technology. In our country, international cooperation in the field of education and science is regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is carried out on the basis of international treaties, agreements and conventions.

The global nature of the problems of particularly dangerous infections has been and remains a powerful motivation for integration processes in scientific research. Pathogens and their carriers do not recognize state borders. The development of transport communications has led to the possibility of a very rapid spread of infectious diseases, including particularly dangerous infections. The fight against them is possible only through the joint efforts of doctors and scientists from all countries. Therefore, the scientists of the NSCOOI maintain close scientific ties with research centers dealing with the problems of OOI in many countries of the world: the United States of America, France, Great Britain, Canada, Norway,Denmark, Finland, Spain and Mongolia. Special importance is attached to the preservation of cooperation with the scientific centers of the CIS in the NSCOOI.

International cooperation of the NNCOOI